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This tool allows you to type Persian and Arabic anywhere
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Typing in some non European Languages is quite a challenge, as they use fonts and characters that aren’t supported by our common QWERTY/AZERTY keyboards. That’s why virtual keyboards or specific text editors are often required. LeoMoon ParsiNegar Editor offers both these tools: the virtual keyboard and the compatible text editor, allowing you to easily type in Persian and Arabic anywhere you need.

LeoMoon ParsiNegar Editor includes a system-wide ParsiNegar virtual keyboard and a simple, neat and handy Unicode text editor. Using the keyboard you can type in standard Unicode characters in any application, let it be a browser or another editor. Simply put, typing in the above mentioned languages is made easy by this handy tool.

This application is also very fast, lightweight, neat and easy-to-use. It comes with low system requirements and it’s also fully portable. Last but not least, it’s free to use (donation-ware).

To sum it all up, LeoMoon ParsiNegar Editor is undeniably handy for anyone needing to type in Persian. Since it’s also free, I can only recommend it.

Margie Smeer
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